Bewilderment in the Land of Beauty and Blogs

I started this blog with the feeling that it would serve primarily as a way for new and returning clients to connect with me.  As a way to garner new business. And I put exceptional pressure on myself to make my inaugural post vivacious, exciting, poignant and well written.  Well, here’s the thing: I’m not a great writer.  A lot of times I question things like my punctuation and grammar. Rightfully, so!  That being said, I hope you all can look past my misplaced commas and possibly missing or additional apostrophes and abundant alliteration and gain something from my experiences as an esthetician.

I would like to begin at the beginning and give you all a little bit of my history.  I was one of those kids who was neither  princess nor tomboy.  I spent a lot of time outside and a lot of time reading and doing art.  A sensitive, caring, awkward weirdo with funny hair, a gap in between my front teeth and parents who let me dress myself.  It is absolutely astonishing that I made it into the beauty industry. I was not a girly girl and to some extent I’m still not.  I guess it all started when I got the itch to dye my own hair at a young age. Twelve, to be exact.  I actually went out and purchased the hair color on my own and did it while my parents were at work.  They weren’t pleased.  The next time I went in for a hair cut, our family stylist said I had done a great job and that kind of planted the seed.  I continued to do my own hair with successes and failures for the next several years and that same stylist encouraged me to go to beauty school.  Even though I was kind of a ragamuffin tomboyish shy girl I thought this was an excellent idea, so off I went!  I enrolled in a full course cosmetology program at Mount Hood Community College assuming I would do hair and specialize in color.  I enjoyed the science of it.  As the course went on I began to burn out on hair.  I really enjoyed the days I got to fix some of the terrible eyebrows that would come walking through those doors or when I got to spend some time doing facials in the dark, quiet facial rooms.  Skin was slowly becoming my favorite.  I took a break from school when I got so sick one term I had to miss a lot of class.  When I finally was ready to go back it was clear to me that I wanted to focus exclusively on skin care and that I did.  It took me a little time to find the exact right fit when I finished school. This was still at a time when day spas were just beginning to become popular.  There wasn’t much out there.  Then finally I found a spa that was Aveda concept and was so excited!  It was beautiful and new and right up my alley!  I had used Aveda in beauty school and was familiar with the product so it seemed like a perfect fit.  I remember the girl who interviewed me for the job asked if I viewed this job and position as just a stepping stone.  I truly did not.  I felt so lucky to be a part of such an amazing place.  And I felt that way for the 10 and a half years I worked there.  I gained so much experience, saw a lot of skin, had a lot of continuing education, met a lot of wonderful people and worked with some of the most talented professionals in the business.  Then I moved 45 miles away.

This was the beginning of a new chapter.  As hard as it was, I left the comfort of my spa family.  I was presented with a great opportunity to join a comparatively small salon and be independent.  Feeling hopeful and excited, I took the plunge.  There have been challenges I did not anticipate but the experience so far has taught me so much.  I still use botanical skin care.  I still have a lot of really cozy extras in my facials like scalp massages and hair brushing, with the addition of hot stones for your hands after a hand massage…  It’s still me, doing my detective work on your skin, figuring out your hair growth patterns and handling tough issues with levity.  I care that you leave my treatments feeling better and cared for.

In the future, this blog will be less about me and more about you.  The skin care issues that are important to you guys and what I can do to help.  There is very little skin care advise out there that isn’t just trying to sell you something to make your skin “squeaky clean” or other such nonsense.  I’m here to serve you whether you see me in my treatment room or not.  Although that would be great because I do love what I do.  And maybe we’ll even have a few laughs!  Because, let’s be honest, brazilian bikini waxing is a hilarious thing to do.

Thanks for reading!


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