Skin Care Treatments

I use raw, botanical skin care from Astara. The high quality of the ingredients and potent nature of raw botanicals produces astounding results. I also offer advanced skincare treatments from Control Corrective and Alchimie Forever for more intensive and clinical results. All treatments are customized and take into account your individual needs.

Signature Facial – 70.00 or 165.00 for a 3 pack

This hour long treatment is luxurious, relaxing and fully customized for optimal results.  Includes exfoliation, deep cleansing, extractions if needed, hydration and scalp and hand massage. This facial is for anyone and everyone!

Mini Facial – 45.00

A quick little 30 minute treatment for maintenance or if you’re short on time. Relaxing and balanced! Great for pre-teens or young teenagers who are new to skin care.

Advanced Treatment Facial – 100.00 or 225.00 for 3*

Intensive treatments for challenged skin. Included in your hour and fifteen minute appointment is an in depth consultation to help me learn about your skincare goals and expectations. From there I will design a treatment plan just for you to get your skin feeling and looking better than ever! Certain treatments on some skin types have optimal results with a series of weekly treatments for 3 weeks so the series of 3 is strongly recommended. Since I use potent combinations of AHAs and BHAs, some treatments may cause micropeeling (light flakiness), sun sensitivity, and post treatment redness. Appropriate aftercare will be discussed. The Advanced Treatment Facial is for anyone concerned with issues from hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, imbalances in the texture of the skin and acne. *packages of 3 mist be used within 6 months of purchase

LED Treatment Package – 200.00

LED therapy has been proven by the FDA to increase collagen and elastin in the skin. I am proud to offer LED therapies from LightStim in my practice!  The LED Treatment Package consists of 3 treatments to be completed within 2 weeks. The first treatment is an Advanced Treatment Facial with and additional 30 minutes of targeted LED therapy with LightStim Photomasque.  The 2 following Treatments are 30 minute LED Mini Facials which include exfoliation and 20 minutes of LED therapy. Add additional treatments as desired. Deeper lines may require several treatments and there is an option for a home use LED device which can be purchased through me.

LED Facial – 90.00

This 60 minute treatment will leave your skin feeling revitalized, energized, smooth and radiant!  Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation and 30 minutes of LED therapy.

LED Mini Facial – 60.00

A great touch up between Advanced Treatment Facials or if you are short on time. 30 minutes gets you cleansed and exfoliated and 20 minutes of LED therapy.  Your skin will glow!


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