Waxing Services

I use Cirepil wax in all waxing services. If you are currently using Rx topical acne or anti-aging medications I may not be able to wax you.  If you are currently using or have recently used Accutane I will not be able to wax you. Please be sure that you have 2 weeks of hair growth. One quarter inch to half an inch of growth will ensure optimal results.  I ask that those under 18 receive parental permission before scheduling any waxing services. All facial waxing includes LED pain relief therapy which lessens post waxing discomfort and shortens the duration of redness. Cover-up of remaining redness and filling in of the brows is also included

Brows – 20.00

Lip – 12.00

Chin – 12.00

Cheek/Sideburns – 15.00

Nostrils – 10.00

Bikini (just inside panty line) – 30.00

French Bikini (small “landing strip”) – 45.00

Brazilian (all of it) – 65.00

Legs (includes feet and toes, excludes bikini area) – 70.00

Half leg (to above or below the knee) – 40.00

Back – 50.00

Half Back (shoulders or lower back) – 30.00

Full Chest and Navel – 50.00

Navel – 25.00

Arms – 45.00

Half Arms – 30.00

Underarms – 20.00


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